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SPRL Architectura 4ASoft Resto Review

Product Snapshot


SPRL Architectura 4ASoft Resto is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

SPRL Architectura works with small and mid-sized businesses.

Select Customers

AlloPharm, Best Caviar, Brasserie Latem BVBA, Castellins NV, Cathay Industries Europe

About SPRL Architectura 4ASoft Resto

SPRL Architectura 4ASoft Resto SPRL Architectura 4ASoft Resto is a complete restaurant management software package designed for Mac and Windows. A special iPad POS module allows you to use iPad as wireless compact touch-screen to choose dishes and wines for clients. Restaurant owners can use 4ASoft Resto to manage and plan restaurant space, print menus, print receipts, create invoices and manage price and stock control.

About SPRL Architectura
SPRL Architectura was founded in 1994, and is headquartered in Belgium. Their products are available in nine languages with multi-currency and multi-enterprise support.

SPRL Architectura 4ASoft Resto Key Features

  • Special iPad POS module allows you to use iPad as a wireless compact touch-screen
  • Reservation management
  • Easily configure and modify the touch screen (user interface)
  • Print menus and wine menus with a few clicks
  • Multiple invoicing methods including invoicing for business customers
  • Multiple payment methods in the invoices you issue to your customers
  • Integrated into your bookkeeping system
  • Print a receipt in the customer’s language
  • Synchronize your menus, wine menus and direct sales through your website (direct links with your SQL database from the website)
  • Manage take-away orders and the sales of wine
  • Calculate the total cost of a single dish and determine an optimal sales price
  • Control and see the impact on your profit and stock
  • Prepare a purchase order for each supplier then dispatch the order by fax or email (.pdf) or print it for manual delivery
  • Display your stock reports by product, by site, by expiration date or by supplier

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