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Camelot Campaigns Camelot Grassroots Review

Product Snapshot

  • $79 monthly for 2,500 supporters
  • $149 monthly for 10,000 supporters
  • $349 monthly for 25,000 supporters
  • $499 monthly for 40,000 supporters
  • $799 monthly for 100,000 supporters

Camelot Grassroots is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Camelot Campaigns works with companies of all sizes.

About Camelot Grassroots

Camelot Campaigns Camelot Grassroots Camelot Grassroots is a fundraising software solution that allows users to run full online campaigns to raise money and process donations. The platform can be used by nonprofit organizations to design fundraising websites, provide event management and accept payments.

The program can also track supporters’ demographics, receive online feedback from them and log all monetary contributions. In the event that a nonprofit is trying to raise additional funds, users can send out specific appeals to their donors. Lastly, Camelot Grassroots can measure online community engagement.

About Camelot Campaigns
Camelot Campaigns was founded in 2007.

Camelot Campaigns Camelot Grassroots Key Features

  • Designed to maintain nonprofit activities or political campaigns
  • Can raise money and accept contributions
  • Monitors supporters’ engagement levels and demographic information
  • Encourages supporters to RSVP for in-person events
  • Provides personalized donation processing


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