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– Dexter+Chaney Venture Review

Product Snapshot


Dexter+Chaney Venture is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Dexter+Chaney works with small and mid-sized construction companies.


Dexter+Chaney Venture

- Dexter+Chaney Venture Dexter+Chaney Venture Project collaboration software solution that helps you manage all your documents, communications, and personnel for entire projects. The program features a workflow system that you can modify to handle subcontractor pre-qualifications, change orders, bid invitations, and submissions.

For your documents, all of them are stored in a central location, are compatible with version control, and have audit trail logs attached to them. To handle your contacts, the system stores location and construction data for each one and makes each entry easily searchable. Lastly, Dexter+Chaney Venture Project Collaboration Software serves as a communication platform for all your workers.

About Dexter+Chaney
Dexter+Chaney was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Seattle. The company has awards from Hanley Wood, Construction Executive, and Washington State.

Dexter+Chaney Venture Project Collaboration Software Features

  • Comprehensive project collaboration software
  • Features a workflow system that can automate bid invitation, submission, change order, and pre-qualifying processes
  • Stores all documents in a central location
  • Can recall previous versions of documents and store audit trails of user actions
  • Manages your contacts and stores their location and asset data
  • Communication platform for your workers

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