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DPSI iMaint EAM Review

Product Snapshot


DPSI iMaint EAM is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware or as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

DPSI works with multinational, enterprise and mid-sized companies.

Selected Customers

Avery Dennison, Black & Decker, Schneider Electric, BorgWarner, Dannon

About DPSI iMaint EAM

DPSI iMaint EAM DPSI iMaint EAM is an enterprise asset management software solution that automates maintenance tasks to help users save time and lower costs. The program analyzes all asset use and can assign preventive maintenance work orders as needed. In the event that users need to set up manual work orders, the system can help fill in asset details.

As each day passes, users can monitor overall staff productivity, enforce compliance with industry regulations and maintain inventory parts. The product additionally hosts a full user knowledgebase with asset details, and users can generate a variety of asset-related reports. Lastly, DPSI iMaint EAM can easily integrate with third party platforms.

About DPSI
DPSI was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Greensboro.

DPSI iMaint EAM Key Features

  • SaaS or on-premise enterprise asset management software solution
  • Monitors daily asset use
  • Can proactively set up preventive maintenance work orders
  • Logs staff productivity levels
  • Tracks all asset inventory parts and calendar appointments
  • Enforces compliance with industry regulations
  • Hosts an asset knowledgebase with full details


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