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On-demand, cloud human resource and talent management software.

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About EmpXtrack Enterprise Edition

- EmpXtrack Enterprise Edition The EmpXtrack Enterprise Edition is fully-automated ERP solution for any company’s Human Resource Department. By automating all HR functions, the EmpXtrack Enterprise Edition enables a company’s organizational leadership to realize strategic decisions based on HR data and employee performance.

About EmpXtrack
Originally released in 2004, EmpXtrack is a global software product of Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd., with customers in the United States, Middle East, India, South East Asia and Africa.

EmpXtrack Enterprise Edition Key Features

  • Employee database (HRMS)
  • Self services
  • Applicant tracking/recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Employee appraisal
  • Goal setting
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Training management
  • Compensation planning
  • Succession planning
  • Manpower planning
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Payroll software


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