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On-demand, cloud human resource and talent management software.

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About EmpXtrack Starter Edition

- EmpXtrack Starter Edition The EmpXtrack Starter Edition is software that is suitable for companies who desire to improve their HR management through the use of web-based tools. The Starter Edition is suitable for companies of all sizes and represents a step towards automation and a paperless HR department.
About EmpXtrack
Originally released in 2004, EmpXtrack is a global software product of Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd., with customers in the United States, Middle East, India, South East Asia and Africa.

EmpXtrack Starter Edition Key Features

  • HR Department can become paperless.
  • The task of employee record management becomes easier.
  • Ability for employees and managers to manage their personal data electronically.
  • Employees can apply on-line for leaves and also view their leave balance.
  • HR can obtain reports from employee data anytime.


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