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eWorkOrders Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact vendor directly for pricing information.


Product is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Vendort works with small and midsize clients.

Select Customers

PennMutual, Neyer, Detroit Zoological Society, Museum of Life and Science, Universal Technical Institute


About eWorkOrders

eWorkOrders eWorkOrders is CMMS software that facilitates real-time collaboration and communication between different organizations while requesting and delivering services. The platform is equipped with labor and material resource management tools, supports service request processes, and organizes all service requests and assignments for employee access and usage.

The software allows users to schedule preventative maintenance and recurring tasks, tracks multiple asset types such as vehicles, equipment, buildings, computers and infrastructure, and provides users with stock room management tools. Additionally, the platform is equipped with a built-in library of standardized reports and queries, as well as allows users to track metrics including open service requests and work assignments, employee timesheets and asset listings.

About the Company

eWorkOrders was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in New Jersey.


eWorkOrders Key Features

  • Work order queries include work order number, date requested and completed, customer email address and work order status
  • Assists users to prolong key asset lifespans
  • Work history tracking attached to relevant assets
  • Stock room inventory management and control tools
  • Cycling count and counting order functionality


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