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– Fixmo SharePlace Review

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Fixmo SharePlace is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

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Fixmo works with enterprise and mid-sized government agencies and companies.

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Fixmo SharePlace

- Fixmo SharePlace Fixmo SharePlace is a collaboration software solution that integrates with Microsoft SharePoint so that you can manage and collaborate on company documents from your mobile devices. The program addresses security concerns that come with SharePoint by providing you with defense-grade encryption for all SharePoint access and files.

As a result, you can fully use SharePoint without worrying about data sensitivity. From your mobile device, you have full access over SharePoint’s functions, with the option of uploading, viewing, sharing, and editing all documents. Lastly, Fixmo SharePlace can save documents locally so that you can easily display them during meetings.

About Fixmo
Fixmo was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Ontario. A number of the company’s products were developed with the NSA.

Fixmo SharePlace Features

  • SaaS mobile app for managing your company documents
  • Is a part of the Fixmo EMP suite
  • Integrates with SharePoint and employs defense-grade security over access and data
  • Full access to all your documents, with the options of editing, sharing, downloading, and uploading them
  • Enables usage of SharePoint’s calendars, lists, and collaboration tools
  • Can block access to your SharePoint installation if the user leaves a certain area

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