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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Review

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About Cloud Orchestrator

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Cloud Orchestrator is cloud management software designed to support multiple cloud management aspects including metering and billing processes, third-party plugins, and multi-tier storage. The platform is built to support customer multi-tenancy through role-based access controls designed to support multiple users and groups within each account, as well as allows end-users to manage account settings such as billing configuration or product catalog.

The software is equipped with a fully integrated billing system that includes granular usage metering and rating for aspects including CPU, RAM, disk I/O and network I/O, as well as automatic invoicing and payment collection via credit card, Paypal and Stripe. Additionally, the platform supports all major hypervisor including open-source like KVM and Xen4, as well as commercial such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Odin Virtuozzo.

About the Company

Flexiant was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Kirtkton North, Livingston, UK.


Cloud Orchestrator Key Features

  • Supports multiple storage units per cluster
  • Horizontally scalable management stack
  • Graphical drag-and-drop blueprint designing tools
  • Supports third-party plugins and can operate code written by third-party systems
  • Built-in self-service infrastructure


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