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Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine Review

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As low as $0.145 an hour.



Customer Focus

Google Cloud works with medium and enterprise companies for websites, gaming, and business applications.

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PocketGems, Spotify, Heathrow, Philips, Evernote

Google Cloud Compute Engine

Google Cloud Platform Compute EngineGoogle Cloud Compute Engine allows you to run large computer workloads on Google’s Linux virtual machines. There are a number of flexible options you can choose when using this service. For instance, you can choose how many virtual core instances you want to launch, use one of three storage options, and decide how to connect your virtual machines to the web. Each virtual machine features a simple UI and a number of open API tools.

About Google Cloud
The Google Cloud platform allows users to store data in and build applications and websites on Google’s infrastructure. Over one million applications currently run on Google Cloud. Google Cloud has numerous technology and service partners, including Gladinet, Panzura, Sheepdog, Tempus Nova, and many more.

Cloud Compute Engine Key Features

  • Flexible virtual machine, network pricing, and data storage options
  • Scalable to up to tens of thousands of virtual cores
  • Opening tooling for the virtual machines
  • Get up to 50% more computing for your money than with other Cloud computing service providers
  • Google Cloud partner solutions can help reduce workloads
  • Handles batch processing, data processing, and high-performance computing

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