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GreenField Software GFS Crane DCIM Review

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Platform is an on-premise solution.

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About GFS Crane DCIM

GreenField Software GFS Crane DCIM GFS Crane DCIM is a data center infrastructure management software that is designed to provide insights into power consumption. The platform allows users to find all assets and locations, see their energy and physical dimension data and store all information in a single data repository.

The software provides businesses with tools to create consumption forecasts and run simulations, and in the event of abnormal data center conditions, set the system to send out alerts to warn users in advance. Additionally, the platform allows companies to generate energy reports that range from data center-level to device-level.

About the Company

GreenField Software was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in West Bengal, India.


GFS Crane DCIM Key Features

  • Requires no hardware to measure energy consumption
  • Maps out all assets and their energy consumption
  • Requires no hardware to gauge power levels
  • Highlights energy consumption trends and top consumers
  • Runs simulations and generates forecasts to help with capacity planning
  • Alarm system warns users of abnormal conditions
  • Reports on sustainability and power consumption


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