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HireCraft Software Core Review

Product Snapshot


HireCraft Software Core is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

HireCraft Software works with multinational, enterprise and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

ABB, MakeMyTrip, Mindtree, PWC, L&T Infotech

About HireCraft Software Core

HireCraft Software Core HireCraft Software Core is a recruiting software solution built for third party staffing agencies. When corporate clients first appear with staffing needs, users can sign them up for accounts and take down their financial information. The program can then post online ads for jobs and take in resumes. Clients can review resumes alongside recruiters and form a shortlist of candidates to be interviewed. The system can bill customers after each successful placement, and clients can check up on the recruitment process and updates from a web portal. Lastly, HireCraft Software Core can perform checks on references, skill sets and backgrounds.

About HireCraft Software
HireCraft Software was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in India.

HireCraft Software Core Key Features

  • SaaS recruiting software solution
  • Designed for staffing agencies
  • Takes in all resumes as soon as users post online ads
  • Clients can review resumes with users to identify qualified applicants
  • Bills all clients after successful placements
  • Tracks each financial transaction
  • Clients can view recruitment progress from a web portal


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