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HP EnterpriseView Review

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Product is available for as a SaaS solution.

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Vendor works with large businesses and multi-national enterprises.

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About HP EnterpriseView

HP EnterpriseView HP EnterpriseView is IT infrastructure monitoring software that provides users with real-time graphical and report-based risk identification data. The platform delivers aggregated data from risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, security configuration management monitoring, security event correlation and compliance, and provides users with holistic, business-centric IT risk views.

The software performs automated technical security controls audits, integrates multiple data sources including HP Business Service Automation, and is designed to run weighted vulnerability assessments. Additionally, the platform is designed as a business-centric IT model, both logically and visually maps IT devices to the service they support, and provides users with a single framework view for both executives and practitioners.

About the Company

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.


HP EnterpriseView Key Features

  • Ranks vulnerabilities based on Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
  • Ties together SIEM threat analysis, security configuration monitoring and device data
  • Designed as a modular format with available modules including risk management, policy and compliance, vulnerability management, and asset profiling
  • Pulls data from external systems including HPE ArcSight ESM, HP BSA, and HP Universal Configuration Database
  • Ties to and works with data collected by third-part systems


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