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– IBM Endpoint Manager Review

Product Snapshot


IBM Endpoint Manager runs on an open platform.

Customer Focus

IBM Endpoint Manager is focused on providing solutions to enterprises and multinational enterprises

Select Customers

CaringBridge, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, InsideOut, GreatCall, Freesat

About IBM Endpoint Manager

- IBM Endpoint Manager IBM Endpoint Manager provides single console technology with real-time visibility into the state of endpoints, giving IT professionals advanced functionality for managing them. IBM Endpoint Manager delivers a single tool to discover and inventory resources, deploy operating systems and manage patches.

About IBM
IBM Endpoint Manager is a product of IBM, an American multinational technology and consulting corporation headquartered in New York. Ranked as the second largest U.S. firm by Fortune, IBM is a pioneer in computer hardware, software, IT services and IT consulting.

IBM Endpoint Manager Key Features

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory
  • Software Distribution
  • Patch Management
  • Operating System Deployment
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Predictive Algorithms
  • Customizable Web 2.0
  • Fully Integrated

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