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Innova Systems InSysPay Review

Product Snapshot

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The platform is a SaaS solution as well as an on-premise biometric hardware system.

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About InSysPay

Innova Systems InSysPay InSysPay is a human resource management platform that integrates InBiois (biometric technology hardware) to manage employee time tracking and attendance. InBiois system options include RFID card reader, fingerprint reader and facial reader. Hardware stores and records employee usage data, allowing companies to track and monitor employee activity and can be matched across systems. InBiois can also be used as an access control system and can be applied to door locks.

The platform provides users with tools to manage and schedule employee shift allocation, manage employee training processes and track employee performance. Additionally, the software is available on mobile devices and allows users to manage salary and bonus schedule, travel expenses and employee recruitment efforts.

About the Company

Innova Systems was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Paldi, India.


InSysPay Key Features

  • Calendar scheduling tools
  • Organogram chart tools
  • Employee review capabilities
  • Employee location tracking
  • Online schedule request system
  • Statutory management dashboard
  • Database recovery system


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