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j2 Global FuseMail Review

Product Snapshot

  • Standard: $2/user/month
  • Professional: $5/user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact FuseMail for more information

Pricing details


Software-as-a-Service (web client, remote Microsoft Exchange)

Customer Focus

Small to enterprise businesses.

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About FuseMail

j2 Global FuseMail  FuseMail, from j2 Global, offers secure, archived email with 100% uptime. The service is ideal for compliance with discovery requests and businesses who need virus-free, encrypted email that never goes down. FuseMail offers its own web-based email client, as well as a hosted Microsoft Exchange service.

FuseMail differentiates itself from on-premises email solutions and free webmail solutions such as Gmail by guaranteeing the retention and security of all email messages and attachments. Email encryption can be set on a message-by-message basis, and FuseMail will assist customers in ensuring regulatory compliance. On the productivity end, all emails can be accessed all the time from any location thanks to a web-based email client that is always online. The client automatically screens for viruses and spam, preventing security breaches and clutter. For an additional cost, businesses seeking to launch email marketing campaigns can use a simple form to submit mass emails to FuseMail, who will manage bounced emails and unsubscribe requests.

The service is priced to attract small businesses, but enterprise level plans are offered. A free trial is offered. FuseMail claims 18 years industry experience and millions of clients ranging from government organizations to ISPs to small businesses.

FuseMail Key Features

  • Secure webmail client with 100% uptime ensures easy access to email from anywhere in the world
  • Optional Microsoft Exchange remote hosting
  • Archive 7 years worth of email and attachments, securely
  • Advanced and customizable encryption
  • Optional email campaign management service

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