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– Joyent SmartDataCenter Review

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Joyent meets the needs of large enterprises in various industries.

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About Joyent SmartDataCenter

- Joyent SmartDataCenterJoyent SmartDataCenter is an IaaS platform that enables users to create and run their private, public, or hybrid clouds. Joyent offers a high-performance, scalable set of resources and services.

About Joyent
Founded in 2004, Joyent is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Joyent is backed by several Venture caplitalists including El Dorado Ventures, Epic Ventures, Peter Thiel (Seed Round), Intel Capital (Series A, B Rounds), Greycroft Partners (Series A, B Rounds), Liberty Global (Series B Round). Joyent’s Node.js was selected by InfoWold for they 2012 Technology of the Year Award.

Joyent SmartDataCenter Key Features

  • Cloud Operator Portal for management, maintenance, monitoring, and support
  • Self-service Cloud Customer Portal
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Cloud Billing to charge customers for resource utilization
  • Integrated cloud security to mitigate risk and simplify server security management
  • Vertical scalability

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