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This product is no longer available
This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.


– MY TrueCloud MY Security Review

Product Snapshot


MY TrueCloud MY Security is available as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

MY TrueCloud works with small, midsize and large businesses in various industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail, education, nonprofit, life sciences, professional services and any industry that utilizes heavy project management (such as manufacturing).

About MY TrueCloud MY Security

- MY TrueCloud MY Security MY TrueCloud MY Security, used in conjunction with MY Documents, will provide the security and forensics to ensure your company knows exactly what is happening with your data. MY Security can be purchased as a stand alone system (the same new technology being introduced into credit card security today) or with any of MY TrueCloud’s collaborative solutions. This solution uses a 2-factor authentication and SSL virtual private network tunneling technology to ensure that your documents are kept safe in the cloud.

About MY TrueCloud
MY TrueCloud is committed to providing a partnership that customers can count on to help them compete in a global market. To accomplish this, MY TrueCloud develops cutting-edge technology that changes the paradigm surrounding how businesses conduct their day-to-day activities. MY TrueCloud combines state of the art secure cloud-computing and mobile technologies into their solutions; they are committed to providing customers with a secure collaboration platform like no other.

MY TrueCloud MY Security Arsenal Key Features

  • Proprietary 2-Factor Authentication Security Platform
  • Multiple One-Time Password Delivery Methods
  • Invisible Cloud Token – turning any mobile device’s browser into a virtual OTP Token
  • Proprietary SSL/VPN Tunneling Technology
  • Active Directory and LDAP Integration
  • System Diagnostics
  • QR Code Authentication

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