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Nagios Fusion Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

$995 USD


Nagios Fusion is delivered on-demand.

Customer Focus

Nagios Fusion is focused on the needs of large businesses and multinational enterprises.

Select Customers

Bitnetix, Watch Communications, University of St. Thomas, Petrofac, Astiostech

About Nagios Fusion

Nagios Fusion Nagios Fusion provides companies with the tools to visualize operational statuses and enable problem resolution throughout an IT infrastructure. Nagios Fusion helps your company gain insight into the health of your business with the ability to quickly identify and solve problems on an infrastructure-wide basis.

About Nagios
Nagios Fusion is a product of Nagios Enterprises, a provider of enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring solutions. Nagios Enterprises has thousands of users worldwide who depends on their services and solutions.

Nagios Fusion Key Features

  • Centralized View
  • De-Centralized Management
  • Distributed Monitoring Made Easy
  • Scalability Without Limits
  • Comprehensive Server Support
  • Simple Connectivity
  • Outage Visibility
  • Failover Protection
  • Managed Service Bliss

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