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Nagios XI Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • $2,495 Unlimited Hosts
  • $1,995 51-100 Hosts
  • $1,295 1-50 Hosts
  • Technology

    Nagios XI is delivered on-demand.

    Customer Focus

    Nagios XI is focused on the needs of large businesses and multinational enterprises.

    Select Customers

    Bitnetix, Watch Communications, University of St. Thomas, Petrofac, Astiostech

    About Nagios XI

    Nagios XI Nagios XI is an IT infrastructure monitoring solution that uses Open Source components to handle every demand organizational requirement. Nagios XI alerts companies of possible problems by using necessary tools to gain insight into IT infrastructure and critical business processes.

    About Nagios
    Nagios XI is a product of Nagios Enterprises, a provider of enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring solutions. Nagios Enterprises has thousands of users worldwide who depends on their services and solutions.

    Nagios XI Key Features

    • Powerful Web Interface
    • Performance and Capacity Planning Graphs
    • Dashboards
    • Views
    • Web Configuration GUI
    • Configuration Wizards
    • Advanced User Management
    • User-Specific Notification Preferences
    • Non-Stop Operations
    • Extendable Architecture
    • Database Backend

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