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nCircle PureCloud™ Review

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Cloud-based service

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Company size range 100-1,999; all industries and verticals.


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About PureCloud™

nCircle PureCloud™nCircle PureCloud is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner that requires no hardware or software to be deployed and managed. It offers the following key features:

  • Thoroughly scan internal and external networks
  • Identifies network vulnerabilities that attackers can use to break in
  • Provides simple, easy to understand fixes for each vulnerability

nCircle PureCloud uses a small, downloadable Secure Connector to establish a highly secure encrypted tunnel between the customer’s network and nCircle’s scanning service, and through that tunnel nCircle performs a full scan of an organization’s network. PureCloud includes a simple wizard-based interface that anyone, regardless of skill level, can use to maintain a healthy security posture across their entire network. PureCloud delivers accurate information about all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses on a network and prioritizes those representing the highest risk with clear guidance on how to fix them.

PureCloud’s robust scanning capabilities include:

  • Web Application Scanning: Scans web applications, detects vulnerabilities for all OWASP Top 10 categories and detects rogue websites, information disclosure, and backup files.
  • PureCloud SmartScan: Backed by nCircle’s world class Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team, SmartScan automatically scans for emerging threats, new vulnerabilities and zero-day conditions and users are alerted with results via email.
  • Cloud Environment Scanning: Scan cloud deployments through seamless integration with Amazon Web Services. Automatically pulls IP addresses for all instances or selected security groups and allows for API access key input without requiring Amazon Web Service credentials.

About nCircle
nCircle is the leading provider of Information Risk & Security Performance Management solutions to more than 6,500 businesses and government agencies worldwide. nCircle solutions enable enterprises of all sizes to 1) automate compliance and reduce risk, and 2) measure and compare the performance of their IT security program with their own goals and industry peers. nCircle solutions may be deployed on a customer’s premise, as a cloud-based service, or in combination, for maximum flexibility and value. nCircle has won numerous awards for growth, innovation, customer satisfaction and technology leadership. nCircle is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with regional offices throughout the United States and in London and Toronto.

nCircle PureCloud™ Key Features

nCircle PureCloud offers a comprehensive and affordable vulnerability scanning solution with features including:

  • Scanning from the cloud, making it an affordable and lightweight solution that does not require hardware or software to be deployed or managed
  • Automatically scans your network perimeter and internal network
  • Delivers prioritized and actionable reports with zero false positives allowing you to take action on issues that are most important
  • Built in benchmark comparisons to peers so you can gauge your security posture against others in your industry
  • Offers PureCloud SmartScan, a unique feature that automatically scans previously identified devices within a network when important new vulnerabilities or emerging threats are detected. It sends immediate notification so action can be taken and systems are secure. SmartScan only scans for Zero-day threats within previously detected systems. Other vendors requires setting up a new scan for the latest threats and vulnerabilities manually, or to scan for everything (not just the new vulns), which would take a lot longer. It also provide checks for all Patch Tuesday vulnerabilities within 24-hours – Guaranteed. (under the 24- hour SLA for IP360)
  • Offers Web application and cloud environments scanning at no additional charge, included with a regular monthly or annual subscription.
  • Covers over 70,000+ conditions identified by nCircle’s world-class
  • Vulnerabilities and Exposures Research Team.

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