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– Nebula Cloud Computing Platform Review

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Nebula can be used by companies of any size in any industry.

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About Nebula Cloud Platform

- Nebula Cloud Computing PlatformNebula is an open-source cloud computing platform that enables businesses to create their own private clouds from a pool of servers and resources. In comparison, Nebula can manage 10,000 or 100,000 times the amount of information as the most powerful commercial cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon EC2 files.

Nebula was founded in 2008 by the NASA Ames Research Center with the original intent to make it easier for NASA scientists to share large amounts of complex data. Nebula’s management team boasts members from NASA, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Nebula Cloud Platform Key Features

  • Pooled IT resources
  • Easy, secure, inexpensive deployment
  • Reduction in data center footprint
  • OpenStack approach
  • Supports standard commodity servers from big server vendors
  • Interoperable with other commercial Cloud service providers
  • Support Facebook’s Open Compute platform
  • Open Commute compliant

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