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– New Wave EMR Platform Review

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New Wave EMR Platform is available as an on-premise solution .

Customer Focus

New Wave works with enterprise and mid-sized companies.

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About New Wave EMR Platform

- New Wave EMR Platform New Wave EMR Platform is a software solution you can use to customize your EMR system and records. Much of the product revolves around its set of document templates. You can customize each one of these and make the result available for use by any of your departments. All document data is fully verified to guard against errors, and the platform can support and unlimited amount of content. Lastly, a number of optional modules are available for New Wave EMR Platform and offer more functionality for document storage and distribution.

About New Wave
New Wave was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Cincinnati.

New Wave EMR Platform Key Features

  • On-premise medical records management software solution
  • Works with your current EMR system to optimize it
  • Stores a number of customizable record templates you can use
  • Able to host and manage an unlimited number of documents
  • Supports document version control
  • Validates all document data to prevent errors
  • Has optional modules you can use for additional document archival and distribution functionality

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