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Nexenta Systems NexentaStor Review

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About NexentaStor

Nexenta Systems NexentaStor NexentaStor is cloud storage software that delivers both unified file (NFS and SMB) and block (FC and iSCSI) storage services, enables users to configure and manage day-to-day tasks such as deploying pools and creating file systems, and supports all-flash, hybrid and all-disk scaling. The platform provides users with all data management functionalities, checks and assesses the user’s storage environment health and status, and is designed to work as a swap-in replacement of legacy blocks and file storage appliances.

The software is designed to support unlimited file system sizes, as well as provides users with unlimited space optimized for snapshots and clones. Additionally, the platform runs both periodic and continuous asynchronous long distance replication processes, provides users with a multi-tenant VMware vCenter Plug-in and VMware Virtual Volume support, and is equipped with a role-based authentication mechanism.

About the Company

Nexenta Systems was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.


NexentaStor Key Features

  • Segmentation and security options for multi-tenant solutions
  • Offers advanced support for Docker
  • Built with self-documenting REST API, CLI and SNMP
  • Supports transactional enterprise apps, virtual machines, generic file servers and NFS/block backup and archive
  • Inline data reduction


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