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Nexenta Systems NexentaStor Review

Product Snapshot

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NexentaStor is an on-premise solution and works with commoditized hardware.

Customer Focus

Nexenta Systems works with SMBs to large enterprises.

About NexentaStor

Nexenta Systems NexentaStor NexentaStor provides an approach to data storage that virtualizes hardware and enables flexibility, scalability and dynamism. Companies are moving away from proprietary hardware platforms and toward commoditized cloud storage. NexentaStor’s software-defined data centers adapts in real time rather than allocating capacity in advance. The solution is also hardware independent, allowing organizations to increase workloads, choose storage server hardware, deploy on a wide selection of servers, and auto-configure storage.

About Nexenta Systems
Nexenta Systems was founded in 2008 and has since continued to perfect its storage solution, NexentaStor. The company works with more than 2,250 customers and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Nexenta Systems NexentaStor Key Features

  • NAS/SAN software platform
  • Works with commoditized hardware
  • ZFS-based, 128-bit file system
  • End-to-end data integrity
  • Largest file size commercially available
  • Inline data de-duplication and native compression
  • Hypervisor agnostic
  • GUI for admins
  • Heterogeneous block and file replication
  • Block-level mirroring
  • Hybrid storage pools
  • Simplified disk management

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