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– North Plains Telescope Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

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Platform is available as an on-premise solution or as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware to use.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with mid-sized and enterprise businesses across multiple industries.

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About North Plains Telescope

- North Plains TelescopeNorth Plains Telescope is an enterprise content management software that gives full control over features and components to implement. The platform allows users to work with virtually any type of file, have tools to manage user access rights and integrate with a variety of other software solutions.

The software provides businesses with tools to collaborate for marketing and own hosted portals for clients and a digital media supply chain. Additionally, the platform allows companies to track fresh content automatically through “smart catalogs”, while “forms” and “advanced searches” allow for predefined searches.

About the Company

North Plains was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.


North Plains Telescope Key Features

  • ECM system that is best suited to work with digital media
  • Integrates with software solutions such as ERP, CRM, accounting, video editing and more
  • Create work space tailored to its processes and workflow
  • Push digital assets to global markets
  • Share assets with clients and third-party collaborators using definable restrictions


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