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Okta Cloud Identity Management Platform Review

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Okta meets the needs of organizations of all sizes in various organizations.

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News Corp, Pitney Bowes, Flex, Engie, Experian


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About Okta

Okta Cloud Identity Management PlatformOkta is a Software-as-a-Service Cloud Identity Management Platform for IT organizations that want to advance their security options for web-based applications. Okta requires no customization and operates behind a custom-built firewall with Active Directory to ensure a single sign-on (SSO), automatic application configuration, and scalable, feature-rich offering. Okta works with a variety of cloud hosts including, Google Apps, and Netsuite.

Okta was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Okta is backed by venture capital firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Khosla Ventures, FLOODGATE and Ron Conway.

Okta Key Features

  • Pre-integrated applications
  • Turn-key user activation
  • Self service administration
  • Deprovisioning workflow
  • Rules driven provisioning
  • JIT provisioning
  • Automated end-to-end workflow
  • Audit Trail & report

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  • Russell OHern

    As a consultant, I have integrated Okta with numerous organizations over the past few years. We have connected tens of thousands of users to hundreds of business applications including Google, Office 365, Salesforce, and Zendesk to name a few.

    Okta has streamlined the integration process through the use of their Application Network, a catalog of thousands of templates already configured to work with common business and personal applications. SSO has been reduced to quick and simple process.

    The ease of which you can import users, configure SSO for apps, and manage permissions is phenomenal.

    Connecting Okta to Active Directory takes all of 15 minutes! This also allows you to let users change their AD passwords without requiring helpdesk assistance.

    Their helpdesk support is competent, and quick to resolve issues.

  • George Hegedus

    We implemented Okta over a year ago and saw our Password Reset tickets and calls to the Help Desk drop from it’s monthly #1 ranking to #5. It was easy to implement and support was fantastic. We’ve almost completely eliminated the need for VPN because we can all sign on to all our apps from any device, including mobile. Acquisition integration has become easier as well. We’ve connected apps using mostly SAML, and have now connected several apps using Secure Web Access (SWA). User adoption of new tools has also been better because employees see the new tool’s tile in their Okta menu every day. Extremely satisfied with the company and its product.

  • Jessica M

    As requests for password resets come in to my desk, I encourage users who are unfamiliar with our Okta implementation to take advantage of it. Pretty much everyone who heeds my advice does not come back again for help. Time saver, life saver!

  • Raj Krishnamurthy

    We were one of the
    earliest customers to use Okta for
    authenticating external identities- client users to access client resources
    like support, forums, training, collaboration environments etc. Prior to Okta,
    we had over seven different logins that clients used for various things.
    Implementing Okta helped streamline the user experience, standardize our
    business rules for user validation, consolidate multiple user data stores and
    provide SSO to a variety of applications from one entry point. Using Okta’s
    API, we were able to build custom registration workflows and tools for our
    support staff to function at a very high level and quickly handle any client
    facing issues. We LOVE working with Okta’s professional services and support
    teams and found them to be very knowledgeable and responsive. Prior to signing
    the contract, we were able to do a proof-of-concept that validated our most
    important goals and gave us the confidence that we were making the right
    choice. We’ve been very happy with the direction that we’ve taken and have
    added a number of applications over the past few months that would have
    normally been standalone apps and logins. In the last month, we have since
    introduced Okta to our employees as well for access to enterprise and cloud

  • pop488

    OKTA has helped our organization’s migration to the cloud tremendously. Most of our users fears were having to remember a ton on URLs along with different passwords to those cloud apps. With OKTA we were able to host all of this in one place. It’s been great for us as well as simple to administer from and IT admin perspective.

  • Devin G.

    Okta isn’t just Single Sign On, it’s an identity solution. They have lots of features that provide added value including active directory integration, multi-factor authentication, and a huge library of pre-verified (integrated), applications. One feature I’m looking at taking advantage of shortly is their external authentication. External auth can integrate Okta into your application and seamlessly grant access to resources (such as sharepoint), without the end user even knowing they’re authenticating using Okta. In my opinion SSO is at its best when end users don’t even realize they’re authenticated. Great support and customer advocacy are some things to look forward to if you choose Okta as your identity solution.

  • tluck

    Okta saves our IT department time by eliminating password reset requests, and bolsters security by keeping employees from writing down passwords on sticky notes and notepads. Every company has sensitive data, and this tool makes sure it stays discreet.

  • Adam Steed

    Having used SAML as a SaaS for multiple years I am a huge fan. Can you spin up a ADFS server and get the job done for less money? Maybe…Often times I see ADFS users struggle for our to get ADFS to work right. For most SAML integrations all of the hard work is already done and I click a link that tells me step by step with screen shots how to make a specific app work with OKTA. For example I did my entire SAML integration end to end in 13 minutes.

  • Mike S

    Okta has helped our IT Dept big time. After using Okta, the number of our password related tickets has drastically decreased due to users no longer having many password issues. Identity Management is also a big plus. Okta integrates easily with Active Directory. You can make account changes in AD that also affects Okta. You can even change your AD password in Okta if you are working remotely. SSO using SAML is also an area where Okta shines. Okta has verified apps which makes SAML integration incredibly easy, which in the end making our network way more secure. I highly recommend Okta if you are having any types of issues I described.

  • Craig D

    Okta provides a simplified signin solution that works. Easy to administer. Employees like the service. Implementation and post sales support have been very good.