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Open Atrium Review

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About Open Atrium

Open Atrium Open Atrium is an open source Drupal distribution that enables users to engage and collaborate with colleagues as well as create and implement best business solutions via knowledge management and social collaboration tools. The platform users Panopoly distribution, provides users with group spaces in order to conduct team-centric conversations and collaborations, and is equipped to build multiple collaborative web sites including corporate intranets, association discussion sites and web portals.

The software enables users to build and utilize knowledge management systems and wikis, facilitates discussions through email notification settings, and is equipped with document and media storage and sharing capabilities. Additionally, the platform is equipped with robust access control and security measures, is built using Bootstrap in order to be a responsive CSS system accessible via multiple screen sizes, and allows users to customize the system’s interface through drag-and-drop page and content customization tools.

About the Company

Open Atrium, maintained by Phase2 Technology, was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Virginia.


Open Atrium Key Features

  • Ability to attach and store files, images and videos
  • Custom functionalities available via plugins
  • Attached media, file and conversation access restriction settings determined by administrators
  • Includes multiple cross-browser responsive layouts and image styles
  • Available widgets for customizing text, image, link, map, submenu, video and spotlight display


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