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OpenCATS Review

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OpenCATS is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

OpenCATS works with small and mid-sized companies.

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About OpenCATS

OpenCATS OpenCATS is a recruiting software solution that is open source and designed for recruitment agencies. Upon logging into the program, users can pull up a dashboard that displays all recent hires, recruitment activity and upcoming recruiter meetings. Users can then examine their current job orders, roster of customer companies and applicant profiles. As day-to-day operations occur with candidates, the system can update all recruitment progress and run reports on all activity. The product can display all recruiter tasks on a sharable calendar, and users can directly email both customers and applicants. Lastly, OpenCATS can attach files to most types of data objects in its database.

About OpenCATS
OpenCATS was started in 2009.

OpenCATS Features

  • On-premise recruiting software solution
  • Open source
  • Designed for staffing agencies
  • Shows all activity on an online dashboard
  • Tracks each applicant’s status through the hiring phases
  • Displays upcoming meetings and tasks on a collaborative calendar
  • Maintains all customer job orders


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