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Oxcyon Centralpoint Review

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Every Centralpoint module is built considerate of this Multiple Polyheirarchical Classification, which gives you a world-class platform that is capable of Scalability and growth. Centralpoint’s unique MphC architecture empowers you with Shared Services.

Customer Focus

Centralpoint is offered in a number of license options that include a Single Site License, Enterprise Portal License, and a Master Enterprise License for unlimited use of Centralpoint. Oxcyon’s content management solution is designed for a number of industry verticals including publishers, hospitals and healthcare, government, eCommerce, Non Profit Organizations, Media, manufacturers, advertising agencies, PR firms, GIS, Online education and more.

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About Centralpoint

Oxcyon Centralpoint Centralpoint is a leading Digital Experience Platform used by hundreds of organizations in a myriad of verticals. It enables organizations to author and manage content, allows each user access via single sign on, and the information can be served to each constituent audience from a singular, central point. The platform’s integration with Active Directory, LDAP, oAuth, Salesforce and other tools allow for secure authentication of any user including employee, client, partner and affiliate. Centralpoint considers all of information types including documents, webpages, mobile and design so that each user is provided with a unique online digital experience. Centralpoint streamlines all digital strategies by giving users one place to manage information, which cascades down to the users who need it within the organization.

Centralpoint goes beyond being an omnichannel communication platform and works to push information to each user based on their audience and role. The software collects and harvests user activity resulting in rich Business Intelligence, gamification, and reporting. Centralpoint provides out-of-the-box tools for integration with many back office systems to facilitate harmonization with third-party platforms already in use. Oxcyon has enjoyed early market adoption in Healthcare, Media, Manufacturing, Government, Non Profits and Publishing.

About the Company

Oxcyon is the developer of Centralpoint, an innovative content strategy that extends beyond the typical boundaries of a content management system. The company was founded in 2000 and brands itself as a visionary software provider known for its comprehensive web strategy. Centralpoint has been rated a Top 10 CMS software product for 3 years running.


Oxcyon Centralpoint Key Features

  • Reporting & BI
  • Auto alert users
  • Forms management & workflow
  • Integration/back office
  • Filtered by role of users
  • Microsites, mobile, departments
  • Content management
  • Shared services
  • Data transfer module
  • Converts information to knowledge through crosswalks
  • Multiple Polyhierarchical Classification
  • Quality Control Portal


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  • Over 200 out of the box modules
  • Highly customizable
  • Micro site and mobile site management
  • Provides complete control over navigation, layout, and content
  • Customer Service
  • Blog module could use some work
  • Some users have reported that it’s a more complicated system than other available options

Say hello to the 800lb Gorilla in the room. Oxcyon Centralpoint has over 200 modules. This means two things. The first is that Centralpoint is more or less a Swiss Army Knife for all of your content management needs. Meaning that if you have a problem, Centralpoint will most likely have a solution for it. The other thing this means is that because there are so many features, the solution can seem daunting and will be more complicated to use relative to other content management solutions. Overall, if you’re a smaller organization, you’d be better off looking for a different solution, but for mid-sized to large enterprises, Oxcyon Centralpoint will be an ideal solution.


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  • Wordsmith

    Oxcyon’s Centralpoint has many shortcoming. All websites created in the CMS can be accessed and indexed by Google by only changing the site prefix. This can create a nightmare in search engines. Their banner manager is completely useless and does not provide historical data and reporting is a joke. Those sites requiring pagination for lengthy articles will be out of luck.

    • dkuypers

      Thanks for your detailed response. What do you think would make Oxcyon a better solution? Or which is your preferred solution in this area?

  • That

  • Centralpoint has evolved much since the time you were with us. With all natural url extensions, and more seo friendly page layouts…and the ability to structure an entire page to the style of your choosing, both for design and for seo, I believe you are reporting on the previous .asp version of Centralpoint and not the .net version.

    That being said, the ad banner manager system was re-vamped and integrated tight in the .net version with the ability to do everything from: Ad rotation (timed / stacked / grouped), and with built in ajax effects possible upon transition. All this built into the centralpoint system direct with any level reporting required. Custom reports beyond what are there are available through a SQL command which gets created by a easy to use SQL generator with a GUI interface with easy to understand dropdowns to define mechanics.

    On top of that, there are new features like an advertising module specifically for keyword based ads through the site. These can have text based messages / script based messages or media (ad banner / flash / video) based on text rollover. This is all due to the CP Scripting language in Centralpoint. This new set of tools allows a level of control in building pages and functions that you CANNOT find in other systems without coding.

    Hopefully that helps balance the complaints vs. the previous .asp system. ASP is dead Fred. .NET is the new system, and we are pioneering development based on the requests of our customers and partners on a weekly basis when we update the entire system.

  • Lisa Murphy

    My company started using the product Centralpoint by Oxcyon
    a few months back. It was a smooth transition from our old program because of
    the Data Transfer module,  that allowed
    me to drive my old content right into the Centralpoint CMS Portal with ease.
    That isn’t the only thing that is great about Centralpoint. They have over 230
    modules that have made things a lot easier than Sharepoint 2010, what we were
    previously using.  You can configure the
    modules around your exact needs without sacrificing updates. Everything has
    always been kept up to date.
     It goes beyond any content management system I
    have used in the past; centralpoint offers role based filtration, email
    broadcasting to update all the members, microsite management, multi-step
    workflow, and business intelligence. It is all part of a centralized platform
    that makes it quite simple to use. Its easy.. not hard. I would highly recommend it, especially for those using .net.

  • Phil Dunlap

    I have recently started to use Centralpoint by Oxcyon. I was a bit weary of starting with a new CMS because I have used various CMS’s from Filenet, Microsoft Sharepoint, Drupal, etc. My initial reaction to Centralpoint was that it was going to be just another CMS(content management system), but I was wrong. It exceeded my expectations, greatly.

    One thing I noticed when I use Drupal was that navigation was a mess! I’m not saying that Drupal is the only CMS with bad navigation, but it’s just an example. I usually adapt to programs easily, but I was rather confused by most CMS programs. With Centralpoint, I don’t have any issues with navigation and changing things around.

    As far as storing records, it has a powerful document management system, which is full blown archival. Oxcyon also doesn’t charge per seat, per server or by the amount of data usage.

    Overall, navigation and proper document management system were 2 of my largest problems with past CMS’s I have experienced. Centralpoint is painless and efficient. I would highly recommend it. 

  • Jeremy N

    I’ve heard complaints about how the modules could use some “work”. I think since then, Oxcyon has greatly improved features that there were complaints about. One of them being module fields. I’m not great with technology but I’ve had an easy time using Centralpoint. You can move module fields wherever they are needed. In response to Phil, I’ll have to agree with you that Drupal was tricky to work around in.

    I dunno. I don’t think Centralpoint has any shortcomings. Instead, it goes way beyond any other CMS program I’ve used in the past 8 years of usage for myself and my workers.

    • MichaelChristian

      I don’t think the modules need any work at all. It’s kind of surprising that there’s so many of them, but they have serve their purpose well. Modules can be easily placed and the program itself is highly customizable. A lot of people seem to be a big fan of the email broadcasting module. It is indeed very cool. It saves me a lot of time having to update all members.  Also, it’s a very nice feeling knowing that I don’t have to worry about protecting my data. It’s easy to access and easy to transfer.

    • Abigail Glasier

      switched to Centralpoint by Oxcyon about a year ago from a different CMS
      program. The data transfer module was a god-send. Everything during the switch
      happened so smoothly and I was very relieved. The great thing about
      Centralpoint is that it is very easy to get started and they have more modules
      than you’ve ever seen. They will definitely have everything that you could
      possibly need plus much, much more. I’ve had my hurdles with the other CMS
      programs before but this one has been pretty good. I haven’t ran into many
      problems using this content management system and I highly recommend it

  • Maurice

    This might sound harsh, but my employees are slow to catch on when it comes to new programs. They haven’t had IT training ever and now they never need to because I finally found a CMS they could use with out having difficulties and headaches over it. Centralpoint is amazing. I only had to contact customer service once, and they were beyond helpful and really friendly, which surprised me to be honest. I usually dread having to call customer service for things, but I know if I have to again, I am not going to dread it at all and I will have the solution to my problem(s). 

    As for the program itself, one of the things I’m most smitten about, I guess you could say is one of their modules called Data Transfer. It gives you the power to move a client from any platform, putting old content into the new Centralpoint CMS portal. It doesn’t involve a lot of skill/ knowledge to do. My employees and myself find this module very useful.

    For anyone looking for a CMS program, I think Centralpoint by Oxcyon will blow you away.

    • Maurice

       I am, in fact, a customer. You are right, they don’t answer phones. I slipped up and wrote that I “dread having to call customer service”. It’s just a general statement that I wrote with out thinking of their ways of providing customer support. My bad. Their customer service, nonetheless, still did me well. Maybe you had a not so pleasant experience with them and I’ll respect your opinion. However, I’m still entitled to give mine with out being suspected as a
      “shill” for their company. I still stand behind Oxcyon and Centralpoint. It’s a great company and a great program. It might not be for you, but it certainly is for a lot of other people(proof above). I’m sorry if you have ill feeling towards them. Better luck to you.

      – Maurice

    • Abigail

      It is very rude to call someone a “shill” for a company. No where in Maurice’s post did she state that she “spoke” with customer service… She simply stated that she dreads “calling customer service”.. Which I think is something that most people, this day and age, dread doing. You should really think hard before you attack someone just because they are praising a company that you aren’t fond of. Maybe you didn’t give the product an honest try… In fact, I am happy that when I have an issue with Centralpoint that I have to submit that “ticket” because talking with customer service associates via telephone is probably one of the most irritating tasks out there. Everytime I have submitted a ticket Oxcyon employees address my problem and help me on my way with great efficiency. 

      using the username “The Authority”.. really.. get real. 

  • Sam T

    When I first started using Centralpoint I wasn’t sure if it was the product for me but after getting used to it I’ve been really happy. lt has virtually everything I could need. I’ve messed around with other CMS programs before but never found one that could do as much as Centralpoint. It does take some time to catch one but if you are okay with providing some BASIC training to basically explain how to navigate the program you’ll be A-OKAY. I found that Centralpoint has a module for just about every need you will have. We really enjoy the email program that they have. I’ll agree with Lisa and say that the Data Transfer module made it a complete breeze to transfer all of our previous information. I found that the archival records were really helpful as well, that way we will never lose information and it is easy to go back and find older information. 
    Overall, I’d recommend Centralpoint over any other CMS program out there. It is honestly the best option. 

  • Niki

    I came across this product a few years ago. I still have not had any complaints towards Centralpoint.  There’s a broad range of features that Centralpoint provides. Going back to what Maurice said, it is a program that you don’t need prior training for, which is a huge plus. Another thing that’s pretty neat is email broadcasting which I use to update members. It really comes in handy. Aside from that, there’s over 230 other tools in which will blow any CMS program out of the water(at least in my opinion). I mean, I’ve worked with plenty of other programs and I probably won’t ever switch again now that I’ve found and have been using Centralpoint.

  • Michael

    I’ve been using Centralpoint for quite some time now and I’ve  been really impressed. I heard a lot of negative reviews about the program but decided to go with it nonetheless. I’m glad that I made that decision because it has been, by far, the  best CMS I have used before. As stated by many others on the site they have many, many modules. Which was great for my company because Oxcyon definitely had everything we needed and much more. One of my favorite modules is the Centralpoint Bloggers module. Our company often has its employees to do a lot of group training through this because the employees are able to correspond with each other in an easier fashion than a mass email. That way everyone can see other’s questions about a new policy or project going on so that we don’t have to answer the same questions more than once. 
    Other than that I’ve also found that the Email Broadcasting was really useful because you can actually see which employees opened the email and which didn’t. We used to have a lot of problems with procedure changes because emails were not being read by everyone. Now we can keep track of those who aren’t checking their company email and notify them that there is an important email they must read/reply to.
    There are a lot of other useful modules but those two are my personal favorites. Sometimes the program can be a little overwhelming to use but once you get used to it, its quite simple. 

    • Frank D.

      Fine points, Michael. You seem really informed about the product. I have been using it for a few years and I have been pleased with how easy it is to use and the plethora of modules.
      I’ve found the Centralpoint Business Intelligence module to be very useful. You can see reports on which employees have downloaded policies, logged in, and signed up. Its a great way to keep track of the kind of work your employees are doing, especially if you have a larger company with many employees. 
      And THANK GOODNESS for that Data Transfer module! It migrated our old information from our other CMS program to Centralpoint in a matter of minutes. You can also map the data so it moves exactly where you need it to.
      Neat program.
      Bravo, Oxcyon! 

  • Jose

    Like, Michael, I was a bit skeptical about this program because of some of its reviews. While I have had minor problems with customer service if you make your issue very clear then you will get the help that you need. Other’s issue may be that they aren’t being specific enough about what they are struggling with, its a complex program and if you aren’t giving enough information about  your problem then of course customer service might not be able to assist you properly. Also customer service representatives are people as well, meaning they are capable of error, be patient, if you didn’t have the best service once it doesn’t mean that is always going to be the case with the company. 
    I feel that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to Centralpoint, while I’ve had my issues it is nothing compared to the previous CMS programs we have tried. You have to realize that no program is ever going to be perfect… If you are looking for a CMS that is great for .net and many, many customizable modules then Centralpoint could be for you. Once you get a hang of the program then there really won’t be any need to contact customer service.. its quite easy once you get used to it. 

  • Charles C.

    Centralpoint has been such a treat to use, in my experience. When the company I worked for switched over to Centralpoint I was very pleased. It  has exceeded our expectations in every way possible! Modules for everything. It has been so easy to use and to adjust to our needs. Customer service has always been helpful with setting us back on track if we do run into any issues. 
    I would recommend them highly.
    Great references! 

  • Patrick

    I really like Centralpoint for its document manager. It’s easily managed and I can find it within my site and I’m also able to search by taxonomy types. This specific module centralizes the management of media across different audience types and sites. Pretty cool. It really gives you control over all the current and archived documents. Using the taxonomy types for this module help manage your records easily. As far as site visitors, using those types allows them to ‘find’ the records easily as well. I know that this program has a lot of other modules which I have yet to monkey around in. So far, I’m very impressed. It’s been a smooth transition from me previous CMS program. I like Centralpoint by Oxcyon a whole lot better.

  • Fal

    For me, I need a CMS program that anyone working for me would adapt easily and adjust to its functions and navigation. We have had numerous fails in finding the right program for us. However, Centralpoint by Oxcyon has been our most recent success. It was easy to import everything we needed and as far as figuring out each module(which there’s a module for everything we need), it was so easy! I’m thoroughly impressed. Back to what ‘MichaelChristian’ said, although there’s so many modules, the program remains highly customizable. I like that. Every company or individual aren’t going to operate in the same manner so having Centralpoint customizable to everyone’s unique way of doing things is really awesome.

  • GSparks

    I’ve been using CMS’s for 10+ years now, and did a lot of research before discovering the CMS I currently use. I’ve used countless of CMS’s, and decided to give Centralpoint by Oxcyon a chance. I called through their references and they gave me nothing but good feedback. I also took into account the negative reviews I read. The majority stated that they were “too confusing” or commenting on the poor customer service. I’ve had nothing but the opposite. There are CMS’s out there, such as Sharepoint, that have great reviews but I found Sharepoint and programs alike that were way more confusing than Centralpoint.

    With that being said, I have monkeyed around with Centralpoint for quite some time now, and it’s my favorite CMS thus far. I’m mainly using it for .net and it’s serving me well. Firstly, you can move the module fields wherever you want. Also, all of the functions such as print, comment, rate etc, are done as standard scripts so in order to see it where you want, you just paste it there. There’s also a great ability to update an xml file, in which the fields are then in the module.

    Overall, I’d highly reccomend this CMS, especially if you are using .net.

  • Nspiran

    Coming from someone who has used a handful of CMS programs, I can
    honestly say that Centralpoint by Oxcyon provides my company with all
    the tools we need to get the job done. Whether your business is big or
    small, you can use this program.
    Something cool about Centralpoint
    is that it is able to build strong relationships between content. With
    that, it allows you to create better business intelligence and
    suggestive upsetting. All of that will eventually save you a lot of time
    and money.

    Besides business intelligence, it has over 230 tools.
    For example, email broadcasting, Workflow, data warehousing and forms
    management. To add to that, it’s all part of the same ‘centralized’

    I firmly believe that Centralpoint goes beyond what
    any other CMS program can do. Those that come close are just too complex
    to navigate. Centralpoint is just a really harmonious program. Give it a

  • Abigail Glasier

    I 100% recommend Centralpoint. It is the best CMS program I
    have used thus far and I’ve been in the business for 8+ years. I had a lot of
    issues with other programs but this one is great. They have great customer
    service and modules out to wazoo. I have really liked their email broadcasting
    program because other CMS’s didn’t let you keep track of whom opened/replied to
    emails and that is something that I find quite important. Also, their blog
    module is really nice; we use that to keep our employees up-to-date on
    everything that is going on with our company. Overall, it has been a breeze to use and I would
    recommend it. Especially, if you’re sick of struggling with overly complex
    systems, like I was.