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– Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Review

Product Snapshot


Product is delivered on a cloud infrastructure.

Customer Focus

Vendor is focused on working with mid-sized businesses and enterprises.

Select Customers

Agri-Marche, Yale, Westinghouse, Medstar Montgomery, Wright State University

About Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

- Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Proofpoint Enterprise Archive addresses the challenges companies face when it comes to archiving regulations and frequent legal discovery. The platform is an email archiving solution that’s completely secure against hacking and legal challenges while featuring parallel email search capabilities.
Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is a product of Proofpoint, a data protection solution provider. Proofpoint enables companies to stay ahead of the ever-changing compliance and data governance mandates.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Key Features

  • Cloud Scale
  • TCO without Compromise
  • Discovery Cost
  • Risk Reduction
  • Compliance Efficiency
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Email Archiving
  • Real-Time Message Tracing
  • Office 365
  • Big Data Platform
  • Cloud Infrastructure

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