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Rackspace Cloud Hosting Review

Product Snapshot


Rackspace is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (Saas) in four editions: 1) a Cloud Server that works with Linux or Windows Servers on-demand; 2) Cloud Files for on-demand storage; 3) Cloud Sites that are managed as a platform; 4) Cloud Load Balancers that deploy load balancing solutions in mere minutes.

Customer Focus

Rackspace can be used by companies of all sizes in all industries.

Select Customers

DDP Yoga, WorldWide Information Network, Commvault, AgencyQ, MetroBank


Computing Technology

  • 1.50¢/hour (Cloud Servers-Standard starting price for 256MB RAM/10GB DISK; increases as server size increases)
  • $199/month (Managed Dedicated Servers-Standard; depends on dedicated server edition)
  • $150/month (Cloud Sites-Starting)

Storage & Data Technology

  • 10¢/GB/month (Cloud Files-Starting)
  • No Charge (Cloud Databases)
  • $4/user/month (Cloud Drive)

Platform & Networking Technology

  • 1.50¢/hour (Load Balancers-Starting)

About Rackspace Cloud Hosting

Rackspace Cloud HostingA cloud-based hosting environment, Rackspace makes resources available on a need-to-access basis. Rackspace Cloud Servers are available through a web-based control panel or API. Traffic spikes, development tests, and load applications can be joined together in the Cloud Server, allowing users to expand their business over various platforms. Rackspace Cloud Files are powered by OpenStack, an open source collaborative software, delivering files and media at a rapid pace. Rackspace Cloud Sites is a platform for website and blog hosting that is reliable, scalable, and CMS-friendly. Load Balancers ensure that the business is online and responsive through Zeus technology that routes traffic and effectively removes failed nodes.

Rackspace allows companies to pay for what they use, giving them the flexibility to expand their data networks at any time. Once production begins to increase, a variety of hosting options is available to adjust to the changes. After Rackspace has helped your company code your business applications, they give you flexibility to operate with different host providers.

About Rackspace
Founded in 1998 with headquarters in San Antonio, TX, and eight data centers in locations worldwide, Rackspace is a leader in the cloud hosting space. The company was named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by FORTUNE Magazine in 2009 and 2012 and was also chosen as a Top 100 Performing Technology Company by BloomBerg Businessweek in 2010.

Rackspace Cloud Hosting Key Features

  • Low cost
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalable storage and infrastructure
  • Works with Linux or Windows
  • High capacity
  • Maximum resource utilization
  • High monitoring levels
  • Complex and customized configurations
  • Redundant Network layers
  • Quick deployment

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