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Reward Gateway Review

Product Snapshot


The software is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

The company works with companies of all sizes.

Select Customers

YHA, Welcome Break, Citation, Groupon, Specsavers

About Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway Reward Gateway is a mobile-optimized human resources benefits solution that offers nearly all the elements of the rewards programs provided from full-featured HR systems. The platform offers a variety of HR subcategories that handle different aspects of the department.

With its SmartHub technology, the software provides flexible employee benefits, employee recognition and employee communications. The employee communications program, known as Communic8, helps relay any messages to employees, and SmartSpending — a shopping discount tool — enables users to take advantage of discounted services in-store and online.

About Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway is a technology and service company delivering to HR departments in the UK, Australia and USA. Founded in 2006, Reward Gateway has 5 offices worldwide with headquarters in New York, London and Sydney.

Reward Gateway Key Features

  • One website, one login, one password and one helpdesk
  • Account management
  • Employers branding
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Employee data is held on Reward Gateway’s own in-house system
  • Employee retention
  • Mobile-optimized employee engagement software
  • High employee discount rates with SmartHub
  • Demonstrable return on investment for the employer
  • Cross-promote tax-efficient benefits to eligible employees

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