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– Savvis Symphony Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure Review

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Savvis Symphony Dedicated meets the needs of organizations all sizes in various industries.

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About Savvis Symphony Dedicated

- Savvis Symphony Dedicated Cloud InfrastructureSavvis Symphony Dedicated is a private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. After deployment, users can turn resources off and on to manage usage. Although a private cloud infrastructure, Savvis Symphony Dedicated offers a variety of connectivity options for public and private clouds that gives companies a full view of their security and fault-tolerance options.

Previously known as DiamondNet, Savvis was founded in 1996 and then acquired by Bridge in 1999. In 2011, Savvis was acquired by CenturyLink for $2.5B. The combined company now has 48 data centers around the world.

Savvis Symphony Dedicated Key Features

  • Private and public cloud connectivity
  • Off and on resource saving
  • Built-in fault tolerance
  • Customizable infrastructure
  • Robust SLAs at component and solution levels

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