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SnapComms Internal Communication Channels Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Pricing is available in user-specific plans. Contact vendor directly for pricing information.


Platform is available as both an on-premise and as a Saas solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries.

Select Customers

Comcast, HSBC, Vodafone, Sasol, Freddie Mac


About Internal Communication Channels

SnapComms Internal Communication Channels Internal Communication Channels is human resources software that provides a number of tools to facilitate internal communications and work to increase message retention, support employee interaction, increase intranet effectiveness and reduce information overload. The platform is equipped with communication tools in the forms of screensavers and digital signage, scrolling desktop tickers, desktop alerts, desktop wallpaper, staff quizzing and survey tools, internal newsletters, and mobile channels.

The software allows to schedule internal communication and messaging engagements, share reports and measurements, and provides users with message recurrence options in order to ensure messages are seen. Additionally, the platform provides users with metrics and analytic reporting, customizable message templates and allows companies to push information to employees through existing RSS feeds.

About the Company

SnapComms was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Aukland, New Zealand.


Internal Communication Channels Key Features

  • Desktop alerts include video, RSVPs, and emergency and urgent variations
  • Automated real-time reporting tools
  • Staff feedback, polling and benchmark capabilities
  • Mobile accessibility and multiple visual display format options
  • Staff quizzes delivered as either desktop alert or hyperlink


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