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Tempworks Software Tempworks Enterprise Review

Product Snapshot


Tempworks Software Tempworks Enterprise is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Tempworks Software works with small and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

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About Tempworks Software Tempworks Enterprise

Tempworks Software Tempworks Enterprise Tempworks Software Tempworks Enterprise is a recruitment software solution that works across both front-end and back-end staffing agency office operations. As users enter new applicants into the program, it can scan resumes for key information, keep them on file and compare different candidates back-to-back. To help support clients with staffing needs, the system can process new job orders, take care of payroll and send out invoices for services. All applicant data is fully searchable by text, and users can share this information with partners and customers. Lastly, Tempworks Software Tempworks Enterprise has staffing modules for specific industries, including medical, accounting and IT.

About Tempworks Software
Tempworks Software was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Minnesota.

Tempworks Software Tempworks Enterprise Key Features

  • On-premise recruitment software solution
  • Designed for staffing agencies
  • Stores applicant resumes and can compare candidates back-to-back
  • Fully searchable program data
  • Handles client job orders and invoicing
  • Easy shares information with clients
  • Features 24/7 customer service


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  • Dave Stemm

    the company surrounding the software is fundamentally dishonest with feckless leadership. I signed a contract with TempWorks Management Services to provide, among other things, EOR services to my start-up. The last business day before the first temporaries were being sent out, they told me they “were not moving forward with my company.” Again, temps were going out the next day. They would not tell me why nor would they respond to any communication with me whatsoever. Pathetic! I got an attorney in Minneapolis and sued them in Minnesota court and won.
    In the written judgment, the judge found President & CEO David Durgarian’s testimony ‘not credible’. The judge found COO Mari Kautzman’s testimony ‘not credible’. The judge found Executive Vice President’s testimony ‘not credible’. This is what these people were willing to do to try and mitigate their responsibility. The President & CEO, COO and Executive VP were willing to give false testimony under oath.
    Since broadcasting my results, I have heard from – and learned of – dozens of companies across the United States who had problems with TempWorks and their egregious behavior, their dishonesty, their ruthlessness and their complete lack of ethics or business acumen.
    I will happily provide to you a copy of the written judgment from Minnesota District Court which validates my story. PLEASE contact me before signing a contract for any services with TempWorks. If you decide to proceed with them, PLEASE have an attorney view the contract prior to signing as they, admittedly, bargained for language that protects them at the expense of their clients no matter what. I can be reached @