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– TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions Review

Product Snapshot


TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

TIBCO works with enterprise and mid-size companies.

Select Customers

CargoSmart, Convergex, Equifax, First Citizens Bank, Fox Networks Group

About TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions

- TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions is a rules engine software solution that allows you capture and model the logic that hold your processes together. The program uses visual models and smaller decision tables to setup all your rules. Once you have your models setup, you can test them in scenarios, allowing you to see how they refined they are and what potential problems they may encounter. After your models are finalized, they can be deployed as standards-based services, making them easily reusable across the enterprise. TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions shares the design environment of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM, a fully featured business process automation suite.

TIBCO was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Palo Alto. The company is publically traded.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions Key Features

  • On-premise rules engine software solution
  • Uses models and decision tables to create all your rules
  • All models can be tested for efficacy and bugs in scenarios
  • Can be deployed as standards-based services, allowing rapid iteration across an enterprise
  • Helps enforce consistency with all your rules
  • Optimizes resources and revenue generation while lowering maintenance costs

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