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Turbonomic VMTurbo Operations Manager Review

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VMTurbo Operations Manager Enterprise Edition is licensed at $499 per physical socket, Cloud Edition is licensed for $799 per physical socket and the Application Performance Module (APM) is licensed for $199 per physical socket.


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Medium-sized Business, Large Enterprise

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Windows Azure, VMware, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Openstack

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VMTurbo Operations Manager

Turbonomic VMTurbo Operations ManagerVMTurbo Operations Manager is an automated, intelligent workload management solution for cloud and virtualized infrastructures. It enables IT managers to simplify the administration of complex virtual environments and drive better return on investment across their virtualization deployments. It deploys as an easy-to-install virtual appliance that immediately and continuously delivers actionable, and automatable, recommendations to improve performance across the virtual infrastructure.

VMTurbo’s innovative Intelligent Workload Management solution provides a fundamentally different method for controlling and managing datacenter and cloud infrastructures by employing a market-based approach that allocates resources, manages capacity and ensures application performance based on the workload’s business priority.

VMTurbo’s patented Economic Scheduling Engine is a market-based approach that dynamically allocates resources in the virtual infrastructure to best meet business goals. By representing the IT management environment as a market of buyers (applications) and sellers (physical resources) and using supply and demand principles to establish relative prices, the solution enables “the invisible hand of the market” to determine resource allocation decisions. With VMTurbo, customers ensure their applications get the resources they need to operate reliably while utilizing infrastructure and human resources efficiently.

VMTurbo Operations Manager is the only solution in its category to integrate with multiple virtualization platforms, including VMware vSphere (ESX) and vCloud Director, Citrix XenServer and CloudStack, Microsoft Hyper-V and OpenStack, through a single virtual appliance and interface. Not only does this enable the use of the “right” hypervisor for the job and reduce costs on virtualization licensing, it simplifies and unifies control of the virtual data center.

About VMTurbo
After launching its product, Operations Manager, in August of 2010, VMTurbo has emerged as a leading provider of Intelligent Workload Management solutions. Since its unveiling, the VMTurbo platform has been deployed by more than 8,000 cloud service providers and enterprises worldwide. Led by a seasoned executive team previously from EMC, Citrix and SMARTS, VMTurbo sprouted from the realization that the rapid expansion of virtualization in the datacenter was redefining how companies dealt with management requirements.

With its most recent product announcement, VMTurbo Operations Manager v3.1, VMTurbo bolstered its solution by integrating application delivery controller (ADC) infrastructure and CloudStack. VMTurbo recently joined the OpenStack community, expanding ecosystem and broadening the choices offered to enterprise and service providers.

VMTurbo delivers cloud-scale management for the largest service provider and enterprise virtual and cloud infrastructures. VMTurbo Operations Manager scales to meet management capacity demands, with Enterprise Edition licensed to support up to 2,000 VMs, and Cloud Edition licensed to support more than 2,000 VMs.

VMTurbo received the Silver Award in’s 2011 Products of the Year awards, following being named a winner for the’s Products of the Year awards in the same year. Additionally, VMTurbo was named a 2011 CRN Emerging Technology Vendor.

VMTurbo Operations Manager Key Features

  • Assures performance for virtual workloads (automatically addressing resource contention problems before they occur) while optimizing resource utilization (driving the highest level of efficiency without sacrificing Quality of Service)
  • Provides real-time and historical information about application performance, resources, services and components in a virtual environment
  • Delivers “what if” planning and projection of resources required for optimal application performance in response to changing workload dynamics
  • Enables improved visibility and decision-making via its cloud-scale control plane that orchestrates virtualized resources into a single “cloud” environment

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