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Volerro Content Collaboration Review

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Volerro Content Collaboration is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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Small Business, Medium-sized Business, Large Enterprise

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About Volerro Content Collaboration

Volerro Content CollaborationVolerro Content Collaboration is a cloud-based, content collaboration platform designed to simplify the way teams work together to share, refine and distribute all types of digital content. Volerro enables internal and external teams to view and collaborate on all file types (Office docs, PDFs, images, video, audio, ai files, web pages, and more) – all via a web browser. Collaboration is achieved through comment streams, annotation, messaging, task management and timelines.

Volerro is a 100% HTML5 Web 2.0 application that functions within modern web browsers, and its highly intuitive, visual user interface and robust functionality have received praise from users and Web 2.0 app reviewers. Volerro’s Kanban “Board” methodology supports Agile, Lean, Scrum and other project processes, and is specifically designed to support the way teams already work together.

Volerro bridges the gap between file sharing/storage services, project and task management tools, and collaboration/review tools — offering a single, cloud-based app for content sharing and distribution, annotation, project/task management, and asset management. Volerro also integrates with these categories of tools, offering customers the flexibility to continue with their current technology investments, while enhancing their productivity through the addition of Volerro.

Volerro’s content collaboration platform creates a single, unified workspace that allows team members to comment, annotate and refine each piece of content across all versions; advance content through each stage; and distribute final work products to stakeholders.

About Volerro
Kevin Lynch is the Founder and CEO of Volerro. This is his third entrepreneurial endeavor. Previously, Kevin was the CEO and President of Nistevo Corporation, of which he founded in 1997. Nistevo was a leading logistics and supply chain software company, and the first in the enterprise software industry to deploy cloud based delivery model combined with a subscription service payment model. In 2006, Nistevo was acquired by a software division of AT&T.

Prior to Nistevo, Kevin was the co–founder and President of Allaire Corporation, the creator of Cold Fusion, the leading web application development platform.

In 2011, Mr. Lynch founded Volerro. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Volerro is privately funded.

Volerro Content Collaboration Key Features

  • Content Preview – Drag and drop any file type into Volerro to share and collaborate on with your team. No need to have the correct file viewing software.
  • Annotation – Comment and annotate on all types of content, including video and audio timelines, documents, images and websites. Volerro keeps all annotations synchronized across team members.
  • Task Management – assign tasks, set due dates and mark items pending or complete. Set Milestones (target dates) for important project steps. A Calendar view provides a view of a project according to due dates for each task. A Task view provides a view of all tasks across a project. These features make it even easier to manage projects, keep team members on track, and identify areas that need attention.
  • Distribution Projects – distribute content to users for read-only and print-only purposes. Content in distribution projects are actually links back to the original content. When original content is edited, updated or replaced, it will automatically update across all distribution projects.
  • “Board” methodology supports Agile, Lean and Scrum processes – Unique “board” concept supports Kanban or list-based project models. Simply create a new “board” for each project step and drag/drop content to the next step as it progresses. Volerro is uniquely designed to support the way your teams already work together.
  • Online Chat and Screen Sharing – See which team or project members are online, and instantly engage them in a Chat session or Screen Sharing/Online Meeting through integration with These features make it even easier for teams to collaborate on strategic content without leaving Volerro.
  • Timeline – Provides at-a-glance, up-to-date information on all activity at the project, board and individual file level. Information is presented and organized by day, then by project. Use our Timeline to instantly catch up on all activity across all projects. Users can subscribe to a Daily or Weekly Digest of Timeline activity.
  • Content Management – Leverage detailed content activity statistics to see which files are being viewed, downloaded and shared. Use expiration dates to automatically remove time-sensitive content. Compliance codes track your compliance process, and support financial and other regulated industries. Manage file versions with ease, as file revisions are tracked automatically.

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