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$20 per month per user.



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Vorex works with medium-sized companies.

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About Vorex BackOffice

- Vorex BackOfficeVorex BackOffice includes forecasting, project management, HR modules, and supports invoicing. The project management module makes it easy to track project details (staffing, costs, issues), while the HR module implements a centralized employee database and portals from which workers can access HR data and submit requests to HR. Vorex’s invoicing module automatically imports project management data to create invoices for project expenses, leaving little room for error. You set the rates, accounts, and dates, and the invoicing module handles the calculations and payments.

About Vorex
Vorex was created to provide easy, affordable business automation software solutions to companies. Vorex’s headquarters are in Dallas, TX, and additional offices can be found San Francisco, New York, and Europe. Vorex takes a proactive approach to developing software—predicting business trends and creating software solutions for them.

Vorex BackOffice Key Features

  • Contains project management, HR, and forecasting modules
  • Supports unlimited number of projects and clients
  • Tracks project expenses, time, issues, and profitability
  • Unifies business applications throughout project timeline
  • Smart Staffing assigns workers to projects based on their skills
  • Generates reports that provide real-time project updates
  • HR module creates centralized database for all employee data and manages benefits
  • Employees can submit requests, such as time off and maternity leave, through HR request portal
  • Forecasting module creates simulations on projects
  • Invoicing module takes project module data and your set payment rates to calculate invoices
  • Automatic invoicing and payment systems
  • System alerts users for late and incorrect payments

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