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WebRezPro PMS Review

Product Snapshot


WebRezPro PMS is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

WebRezPro works with small and mid-sized hotels.

Select Customers

The Lodges at Sunset Village, Footbridge North Hotel, Smithfield Station, Calaway RV Park & Campground, Dunton Hot Springs

About WebRezPro PMS

WebRezPro PMS WebRezPro PMS is a hotel management software solution that can handle both front and back office processes. Right from the start, the program can take online reservations from customers, package different services with reservations and showcase special deals and sales. Once a reservation is complete, users can send out email messages to the customer leading up to the stay. After customers check in, the system can be used by them to purchase additional services, such as conference room bookings, food and beverage. The product can handle all financial transactions, and users can send out financial documents such as invoices to customers. Lastly, WebRezPro PMS can generate reports on sales performance.

About WebRezPro
WebRezPro was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Alberta.

WebRezPro PMS Key Features

  • SaaS hotel management software solution
  • Processes online reservations
  • Can offer additional services and group rates during bookings
  • Sends out messages to customers before their stays
  • Visitors can purchase additional services during stays
  • Processes all financial transactions
  • Generates sales insights and reports


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