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The Benefits of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Software

Application lifecycle management software offers all the features and functionality needed to facilitate the successful planning, execution, and tracking of all activities throughout the entire technology development lifecycle. Read on to learn more about the powerful capabilities of application lifecycle management software.

All about Application Lifecycle Management Software

Software development is a highly complex and multi-faceted business discipline that requires the effective execution and management of numerous related and inter-dependent activities across multiple human and technical resources. Requirements must be defined, the solution itself must be modeled and designed, code must be written, testing and changes must be managed, and documentation must be created – all before the application is delivered and deployed.

ALM Software: What it is and Why it Matters

Application lifecycle management software can be a valuable asset to any organization that designs and develops software as a core competency. This article provides an overview of ALM software, its features and its benefits.

Benefits of Application Lifecycle Management Software

An application lifecycle management software package delivers dramatic advantages to development-intensive businesses of all types. This article highlights the primary benefits that can be achieved with application lifecycle management software.

DevSuite – Knowledge Centric Application LifeCycle Management

While application development conjures up many thoughts, the fundamental core lies in the knowledge gained and used throughout the development process. In today’s competitive software development environment, the silo-based models will no longer support the ever-changing demands of large distributed organizations.

Specification-Driven Development

TechExcel DevSuite is built with the best-practice that specifications – from ideas, to formal specifications, to competitive information to issue resolution and customer insight – is central to any product development initiative. By eliminating the silos of data that exist between different teams and in different locales, specification-driven development helps enterprises dramatically transform their development processes, increasing both the efficiency and overall quality of their end products.

TechExcel DevTrack – It’s the Right Time to Switch to DevTrack!

With budget cut, resources maxed out, and deadlines quickly approaching, isn’t it time to get more value from your issue tracking software? TechExcel DevTrack has a proven track record of enabling teams to do more with less!

Quality Assurance Standards: ISO 9000

The basics of ISO 9000 certification include the creation of a Quality Policy, documentation of all processes, and the implementation of solid performance metrics.

QA Testing as a Collaborative Process

The QA testing process involves a large team of players that go far beyond those that are actually developing the software. Continuous input must be recognized from multiple stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Define, Hire, and Develop Your Next-Generation Project Managers

Next generation project mangers needs to have a sound understanding of project management best practices but also need to be successful team builders and experts in creating productive collaboration.