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TranSolutions Inc. CarrierClaim

CarrierClaim is claim management software designed to support carrier companies with managing incident reports filed against them, as well as manage and store supporting documentation, contact information and salvage details. The platform works as a robust standalone system designed to integrate with the user’s existing TMS, accounting software and other internal systems already in place.

Deskera eClaims

Deskera eClaims is claim management software designed to automate claims applications, analyze claim trends and allow users to customize claims approval rules to match user- or company-specific workflows. The platform automatically routes claim requests to the appropriate manager, provides a real-time application status dashboard and allows users to view pending, approved, rejected and total claims.

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Tropics Breeze

The latest workers’ compensation solution from Tropics Software Technologies, Tropics Breeze is a platform for insurance providers that streamlines the management of policyholder accounts and claims administration. Tropics Software Technologies Tropics Breeze incorporates features to organize contact management, email interactions, core billing, business analytics, policy administration, and claims management.

ClearRisk Claims

ClearRisk Claims is a claims and risk management software that is designed to be comprehensive for small to mid-sized businesses. The platform allows users to manage tasks and reminders, send information to colleagues and clients and run reports that help all parties make informed decisions.

ClearRisk Manager

ClearRisk Manager is claim management software that allows companies to manage risk in a formal manner, resulting in saved insurance costs, a reduction of severe accidents and increased revenue by decreased claims costs. The platform allows users to create one or more risk management plans and implement these plans using risk maps and tools, overall protecting company value by safeguarding assets.

Oceanwide Insurance Claim Management Software

Oceanwide Insurance Claim Management Software helps insurance companies manage claims and communicate with claimants, brokers and other third parties through the entire claims process. The platform allows users to collaborate and features multiple permission levels that can be set for use by various employees and claimants.


ClickClaims is a claims management software that enables users to provide quick responses and great service to customers and is available in three editions. The platform allows users to view claim statuses, search through claims for information, manage client and user data and stores claim documents through the Lite edition.

JDi Data Claims Manager

JDi Data Claims Manager is claim management software that can manage multiple claims from multiple clients and capture relevant claim data. The platform allows users to store all documents associated with a claim in a depository that is accessible via any browser for clients and adjusters.

Fineos Claims

Fineos Claims is a claim management software that supports both group and individual claims on a single platform. The platform allows users to take in all claim data, handle investigations and run reports on all information.