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Misconceptions of Automated Web Traffic

Automated web traffic is one of the most destructive forces threatening web application security. What it does is perform unbelievable […]

What are Malicious Automated Attacks?

The nature of website attacks on the internet has changed dramatically over recent years. Today, when competitors and hackers think […]

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Symantec Data Loss Prevention is cloud security software the leverages comprehensive detection technology and unified policies in order to ensure that sensitive data remains secure. The platform is configured to identify sensitive data, uses a variety of advanced data detection techniques in order to identify data in multiple forms, and tracks data use and location.

The Rise of Automated Threats to Web Applications

The nature of website attacks on the internet has changed dramatically over the recent years. These days, when competitors and […]

CloudNow Technologies Akku

Akku is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that acts as a gateway on the Cloud to provide access control based upon single sign-on authorization to various cloud applications. The platform is a cloud-based application built on top of CNT’s proprietary framework and implementation can be seamlessly facilitated in the Cloud through a predefined deployment process, is equipped with identity management services that simplifies system administrator’s work since access to all user accounts can be controlled from a centralized location, and ensures that the users set strong passwords that are compliant with the organization’s password policy.

Cloud Security Tips for Tax Season

Every year, people seem to say, “The past year was the worst in history for data leaks.” In 2017, that […]

Preparing For The Cloud: 6 Tips For Effective Cloud Security

Cloud security remains a sticking point for many companies. However, advanced precautions are meaningless if companies don’t effectively prepare their cloud infrastructure for cloud challenges. Here are six tips for effective cloud security to help empower safety efforts.


CloudFlare is cloud hosting software designed to protect websites, APIs, SaaS servers and other internet properties. The platform assists users with improving website performance, ensures online security, works towards DNS service reliability and provides users with network insights and analytics.

– PerspecSys AppProtex PolicyPro

PerspecSys AppProtex PolicyPro is a cloud security software solution that handles all security policies from a centralized console. At the start, users need to connect their cloud applications to the program. The system can then monitor all network activity, reveal usage trends and identify possible compliance risks. For file security, users can install tokenization and encryption lockout on each individual data field.

Hitachi Solutions Credeon

Credeon is a simple cloud security software solution that works with all major cloud storage services. As users drag and drop different files into cloud storage, the program automatically installs encryption on all of them. If users want to give file access to coworkers, they can simply send out invitations for the cloud folder.