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in CIMSERP which module describes about accounting?

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Explorer Eclipse

Explorer Eclipse is a fully integrated, browser-based construction management software that includes a wide range of core modules including accounts payable and accounts reveivable tools, job costing tools, business analytics, and business partner management tools. The platform is equipped with cash management capabilities, project management tools, equipment control and fixed asset tools, and employee payroll management tools.


Ganttic is resource planning software that enables users to plan, schedule and manage all company resources. The platform provides users with real-time visibility into who is doing what, when and where, control company workload, and create personalized company planners including aspects such as each resource’s work time, work hours, and times zones.


Traqspera is work site management software that synchronizes all employee and project information into a centralized, easy-to-use system. The platform works to eliminate disorganization such as error-prone paperwork and messy spreadsheets, provides teams with access to real-time reports from any device, and enables users to manage employees, training certificates, assets, tools, safety, jobs and documents.


Builderbox is construction project management software that supports team collaboration and communication, project documentation processes and enables users to make data-driven decisions. The platform converts communication into action items, enables users to set reminder and notifications, and provides users with tools designed to keep teams accountable and on-schedule.

eSUB Construction Software

eSub Core is construction management software that standardizes project management processes, enables users to enter and utilize project data, and manage site events, labor activities, and material costs. The platform offers multiple modules designed to support multiple construction management functionalities including field notes and feedback relay to back offices, daily reports and labor tracking, and project file storage and sharing.

Less Paper Co.

Less Paper Co. is field service management system that manages digital work orders. The platform allows users to oversee customer history, manage business appointments, tasks and notes, track one-time or recurring items, and automatically calculate company travel time.


GenieBelt is contruction management software that schedules and estimates building tracks using Gantt Chart. The platform allows users to report building progress via mobile devices, update schedules in real-time and analyze project overviews.

Trimble WinEst

WinEst is construction estimation software designed to manage detailed project estimates, cost-knowledge data and enables users to create customized documentation. The platform supports bidding and buying processes, and is designed to integrate with other leading industry applications.

Pantera Tools Integrated Plan Room

Pantera Tools Integrated Plan Room is a bid management platform designed specifically for the construction industry. The application comes with custom templates and a personalized URL increase response rates.