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Mithi Software ClrStream

ClrStream is email security, continuity and durability software designed for MS Exchange, Office 365, MDaemon, Postfix, PostMaster, Zimbra and other mail solutions. The platform protects email servers from spam, viruses, ransomware and DDOS attacks.

Mithi SkyConnect

SkyConnect is email and team communication software that facilitates cloud email, online storage and instant messaging in order to support team collaboration processes. The platform ensures 100% email delivery rates, supports business class email on web, desktop and mobile devices, and is equipped with POP and IMAP access.

Roaring Penguin CanIt-PRO

CanIt-PRO is an email security software solution designed for businesses of all sizes to filter e-mail and block spam by configuring the system. The platform allows users to work with extensive end-user controls, allowing them to choose from a customizable list of spam filtering options.

Roaring Penguin CanIt-Domain-PRO

CanIt-Domain-PRO Anti Spam Filtering Software is for MSPs, ISPs, web hosts and universities. The platform is an email security solution designed for anyone who has to provide e-mail spam protection for multiple domains.

Roaring Penguin Hosted Canit

Hosted CanIt® automatically provides email security against spam, advertisements, fraud schemes, porn, viruses and phishing attempts. If it’s junk e-mail, the platform will stop it before it reaches the user’s mail server without needing to install any software or hardware.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Company’s Gmail Account Safe

With Heartbleed as a recent memory and a small Gmail hacking crisis early last month, we have become all-too-aware of our Gmail dependence. Without our company Gmail accounts, our professional lives can be irrevocably changed for the worse. To protect you and your co-workers from any future devastation, here are several tips for keeping your company’s Gmail account safe.

– Intel Security McAfee Email Protection

McAfee Email Protection is an email security software solution that works with cloud and on-premise email platforms. Similar to most other email security products, the program provides protection against malware and spam. This system goes a bit further by scanning HTML links for possible security problems, preventing data loss and providing email access during server outages.

Panda Security Email Protection

Panda Security Email Protection is an IT security software solution that completely secures company email inboxes. At the start, users can deploy the product to different installations via email links.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition

AVG Internet Security Business Edition is an endpoint security software solution that provides full protection for PCs, file servers and email servers without affecting any performance. As people go on the Internet, the program preemptively deletes downloaded infected files, makes all web browsing secure and blocks all spyware.

ESET Endpoint Protection

ESET Endpoint Protection is an endpoint security software solution that provides complete control and protection over all endpoints in a company. The program guards against malware, intrusions and unauthorized access and sends alerts to users whenever these attacks occur.