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Close is procurement software that helps companies to manage and control purchasing and budgets by enabling users to setup and share budgets, enabling employees to submit purchase requests and automatically sending request notifications to the appropriate managers. The platform is built with an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface so that users can access the system from any location and across multiple device types including tablets and smart phones.

Eyvo eProcurement Solutions eBuyerAssist

eBuyerAssist is a complete purchase order workflow tool that supports all stages of the process, from point of requisition to order placement with vendors, and is designed to support multiple roles within the procurement process such as requesters, line managers, approvers, senior buyers and CEOs. The platform is equipped with asset and inventory management tools, recipe costing tools and built-in vendor portals.

SutiSoft SutiProcure

SutiProcure is eprocurement software that automates online purchasing activities and is equipped with a user-friendly web shopping interface. The platform provides businesses with RFQ support and contract management tools, assists users with reverse auction activities and provides inventory management and payment processing tools.

ICG ALTO eProcure

ALTO eProcure is e-procurement software designed to support flexible workflows, provides users with recurring transaction templates, and manages supplier compliance processes. The platform monitors supplier performance, manages and processes RFxs and POs, and facilitates bid request activities.

AgileOne AccelerationSOW

AccelerationSOW is a procurement software solution that controls all resources that go into company projects. The program is compatible with most standard company billing options and provides visibility over all cash flow for open projects.

PIBCI Tradogram

Tradogram is a cloud-based supply chain management software solution that is designed to help managers monitor and improve the purchasing process. The solution offers a Negotiation Platform that allows users to receive quotes from suppliers and send counter offers.

Zycus Procure-to-Pay

Procure-to-Pay is an eProcurement software solution. To create a strategic impact it is imperative for procurement to have far reaching insights into business requirement, purchases and payments.

Zycus Source-to-Pay Suite

Zycus Source-to-Pay Suite is as eprocurement software suite designed to integrate with other systems, ERPs and databases, supports user adoption through ease-of-use structures, and is backed by Guided Procurement System that assists users in selecting the right categories, web-forms and suppliers. Additionally, the platform automates sourcing processes, provides users with end-to-end catalog lifecycle management tools, and is powered by an artificial intelligence.

Orpheus InitiativeTracker

InitiativeTracker is an eprocurement software solution that allows users to plan and monitor purchasing projects and activities. Users can enter projects into the program, assign teams to them and view project statuses in real-time.

eeebid Spend Management Suite

eeebid Spend Management Suite is a spend management and eprocurement software solution that assists all supply chain operations. Upon logging into the program, users can pull up a dashboard that shows upcoming tasks and other related events. From there, users can submit quotes to suppliers, host reverse auctions and browse vendor catalogs.