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Ivanti IT Asset Management

The Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite is ITAM software comprised of Asset Intelligence, designed to discover and inventory all owned hardware and software, as well as connect with vendors and monitor new purchases, and Asset Manager, designed to manage hardware and software lifecycles from purchase to disposal. The suite enables users to reclaim unused licenses, assists with vendor negotiation processes, and tracks all software usage.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring

IBM Tivoli Monitoring infrastructure monitoring software designed to monitor the performance of distributed operating systems and applications. The platform is equipped to ensure a secure environment, transfer data and storage, set notifications, and supports communication for agent-server-client processes.

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk is asset management software designed to manage the maintenance, repair and operational support of enterprise assets as well as IT assets. The platform stores data concerning assets, facilitites and inventory, schedules maintenance work, and tracks asset status.

Zenoss Service Dynamics

Zenoss Service Dynamics is IT monitoring software designed to enables users to monitor their entire system including storage, networks, converged infrastructures, applications and unified communication systems. The platform provides users with insights pertaining to IT performance, unique risks, and real-time analytics.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager is IT management software that facilitates system updates and upgrades, unifies end-user portals and assists with mobile device management activities. The platform is designed to protect data, monitor system health and enforce system compliance, and is capable of managing PCs, Macs, Unix and Linux servers.

Ivanti HEAT LANrev

HEAT LANrev is IT asset management software that provides users with integrated patch management, remote control, software packaging, delivery and license management, inventory management and reporting tools. The platform is equipped with discovery and asset inventory tools that detect and report on more than 700 information items concerning hardware, software, configurations and users across all managed computers.

Ivanti Endpoint Security

Ivanti Endpoint Security is endpoint security software that provides media protection, remote endpoint control, and security diagnosis tools. The platform detects security incidents, collects and exports data in multiple formats, and provides automated patch management for updating Windows, Mac OS and third-party applications.

Apple FoundationDB

FoundationDB is an open source online database software solution that turns any type of computer into a flexible database host. Each time a database action is initiated, the program performs an ACID transaction across all available databases.

– Lexmark Markvision Enterprise

Lexmark Markvision Enterprise is a device management software solution that can integrate with nearly any type of device. The program features role-based dashboards and allows users to track, troubleshoot and maintain all registered devices. For instance, users can schedule tasks, search for devices by a number of fields, pull up device details and create device groupings.

Brivo Labs Social Access Management

Brivo Labs Social Access Management is a mobile device security software solution that maintains devices from a remote console and starts to work by issuing digital passes stored inside mobile devices. The platform allows users to work with a system to monitor social media use, enforce compliance with certain rules and control devices remotely in real-time.