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Soliton MobiControl

MobiControl is mobile device and application management software designed to manage a company’s entire fleet of mobile assets across all operating systems. The platform provides users with a centralized, web-based management console, provides complete visibility and control of the user’s corporate, shared and personally owned mobile devices, and is equipped to handle device management, device enrollment, content management, application management, and device retirement.

Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Suite

The Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Suite is a mobility and productivity software solution that provides companies with mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile content management, identity and access management, and mobile security and containerization tools. The platform provides businesses with consistent MDM policies across device ownership models as well as multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Android for Enterprise, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, and Samsung Knox.

BYOD & Corporate Software Security Trends

To save on costs, many companies are turning to a model of “bring your own device” (BYOD). This means employees […]

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus is mobile device management software designed to support all aspects of enterprise mobility management including provisioning devices with pre-defined settings to installing or uninstalling applications without end-user intervention. The platform ensures that all corporate data as well as devices accessing the data are secure, prevents any kind of unauthorized data access or leakage from devices, and allows IT administrative staff to configure basic settings including Wi-Fi and email settings without physical access to the device.

– OpenPeak

OpenPeak is mobile device cybersecurity software that provides security on personal devices, contractor devices, company-liable devices, applications, and voice and data services. The platform is available both on a direct and licensed basis as well as via carriers to government, education and enterprise customers.

Beachhead Solutions SimplySecure Management System

SimplySecure Management System is a mobile device management software solution designed to help businesses enforce encryption and security policy. The software can wipe and control access to at-risk data on Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android phones, tablets and USB storage devices from one unified management console.

The Key Features of Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are the future. For most, a mobile strategy will undoubtedly be crucial for companies who don’t wish to be left behind. Below, we’ve compiled the key features of mobile device management in order to give business owners a better idea of what to look for when choosing a solution for their business.


Relution is a mobile device management software solution that offers a full suite of mobile management modules and apps. The platform comes with features to handle the user’s business apps such as category management, email notifications, deployment and remote device monitoring.

– BlackBerry BES12

BlackBerry BES12 is an enterprise mobility management software solution that allows users to control and maintain Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android devices. Users can add their own personal devices to the network and set up app lifecycle management and firewall tools.

– Etherios

Etherios is a mobile device management software solution that can connect any remote device to the cloud for security and tracking.