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Taskeo is a productivity multitool designed to make teamwork and project management easier by simplifying task delegation and monitoring. The platform makes it easier to delegate and monitor tasks while boosting personal productivity of every team member, provides companies with the platform API so users can integrate internal company systems, and enables users to track project and task progress as well as which team members are working on which projects.

KeepSolid Roadmap Planner

Roadmap Planner is a business productivity app for managers and entrepreneurs that will help users to build marketing, business development and product vision roadmap, and show off it to the team and stakeholders. The platform helps users put together a strategy for success, create a simple picture of business vision and development, and present plans to teams quickly and easily in a visually appealing form.


Align is business process and project management software that offers business growth management and strategic planning solutions designed to help scaling businesses focus on the priorities that matter. The platform provides users with a personal dashboard that allows each individual user to pick and choose what information and updates are displayed based on each user’s priorities and interests, as well as allows users to add and assign tasks and keep track of team progress.

ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is project management software that equips companies with advanced features such as project calendars, Gantt charts, time tracking and invoicing functionalities. The platform provides users with a single, centralized hub for viewing all project statuses, progress, time spent and any questions team members may have, as well as invite teams to a project and then assign tasks, share files and facilitate organized project conversations.

Day 1 Company DealRoom M&A Management Software

DealRoom is an integrated due diligence management platform that combines a secure virtual data room with communication and project management tools. The platform allows users to complete deals by using one process management tool instead of spreadsheet trackers, emails and a data room.

GET Information Technology RADAR

RADAR is a project tracking and status reporting solution that provides complete visibility into a company’s project portfolio and one-touch access to a detailed project overview. The platform streamlines reporting processes, fosters collaboration, saves hours of administrative effort, and ultimately allows for informed decision-making at all levels.


Haplen is a free project management app that organizes tasks in a simple but powerful way. The platform is designed help teams more easily visualize their tasks through sorting, grouping, and filtering in an intuitive user interface, enables users to easily sort and visualize tasks in Kanban cards, and tracks task statuses.


ViduPM is a project management software solution built to help users stay on top of their project management responsibilities. The platform is designed to work as a single tool that supports multiple project management functionalities including task management, team management, file sharing, team communications, and sharing confidential information like passwords. is project and workforce management software that enables users to manage workloads and communicate with teams through a single interface. The platform tracks team activities, provides real-time visibility into which employees are working on which tasks and projects, and enables team leaders to add and assign tasks, projects, missions and tools.

PabloWeb Abot

Abot is collaboration and project management software that equips companies with a simple tool for providing anonymous feedback messages within their Slack team. The platform allows users to conduct anonymous surveys or to collect yearly performance reviews by simply typing a simple command, and each individual who receives feedback can reply to it without knowing the author.