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Innago is property management software that enables users to collect rent via echeck and credit card, obtain lease signatures and store signed leases, and manage tenants as well as send tenants notifications and relevant information. The platform automatically generates and tracks payments, allows users to create custom fees to match any unique situation as well as waive any custom fees per circumstance, and send tenants rent reminders, due date reminders or late payment reminders via email.

Same-Page CHOPAS

CHOPAS is property management software that focuses on HOA and condo association communications between board members and association members via community portal. The platform is equipped with document management capabilities, property task management tools, and a community calendar tool designed to manage group meetings, schedule staff, and track personal events.

Local Tech Series: Tel Aviv, Israel

Despite often finding the Silicon Valley-esque nomenclature attached to other tech-centric locations, the United States is not the exclusive home to technological development. Tel Aviv started attracting hi-tech firms in the 1960’s, and eventually landed a spot among the top startup ecosystems globally, maintaining that status ever since.

CoStar Real Estate Manager

CoStar Real Estate Manager is property management software that harnesses real estate and lease data in order to create and deliver actionable insights. The platform provides users with tools designed to perform lease accounting operations, lease administration, portfolio management activities, any company-oriented transactions, project management and construction operation procedures.

SimplifyEm Property Management Software

SimplifyEm Property Management Software is property management software that assists users in collecting rent online, utilizing property management forms and provides a directory of property management companies. The platform allows users to track expenses and full income, generate owner monthly reports and manage tenant and lease information.

– ComVibe

ComVibe is a facility management software solution designed to optimize operations and improve service quality. ComVibe empowers maintenance technicians and contractors to complete tasks faster through real-time assignment and scheduling.

eZee Absolute

eZee Absolute is a hotel management software solution with a full suite of features that handles everything for the user’s hotel. The software can perform front desk tasks such as check-in, check-out and applying extra charges as well as cashiering features like invoicing, expenses and commissions.

trivago Base7booking

Base7booking is a hotel management and booking software solution designed to handle all property management and booking operations. The platform allows users to pull up calendars with appointment dates, view each client’s personal details and directly message the customer via email.


Roomsy is hotel and property management software focused on supporting hotels, motels, hostels, and apartments. The platform enables users to manage all properties from any location from internet-enabled devices, provides users with an online booking engine, and supports channel manager integration in order to connect to online travel agencies including and Expedia.

Condo Manager PRO

Condo Manager PRO is property management software designed specifically for condo and homeowner association management. The platform is designed to manage multiple locations, properties and units, and is equipped with a full suite of accounting and financial tools.